About Jackie

Mission Statement

1. What Makes Us Tick

It takes a village to raise a child, especially for a Special Needs child.  The mission of the J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette is to provide an enriching experience for young models and cultivate a spirit of excellence in them. Modeling is a discipline and an art which is part of a larger whole, that helps to mold a more complete person, who is strong, confident, and capable of achieving great things. The premiere school seeks to enhance student’s confidence, build leadership and socialization skills.  Runway is one aspect of modeling. However, through education and skill development, we can transform our young into a dynamic example of what can be accomplished, when we teach and guide them well. Watch, as they turn a fantasy into a reality, that goes far beyond modeling with a little help from Jackie Love(who battles and lives with 70% hearing loss). Inspired by many mothers and grandmothers, I felt it was time we also need to honor our dedicated fathers as well.  That’s why we are presenting the Inaugural  Men Of Excellence Awards.( held on September 17,2016)RestorationPlaza 1. The children’s division of J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette has made a commitment to servicing children from all spectrums of life 2. We offer workshops to adults, teens and youth.  They learn runway, good posture habits, look analysis, proper eye contact, voice projection, on camera auditioning, professionalism and poise as well as photo posing. 3. While having a busy schedule she makes time to give back to the community by participating in the “Stop the Violence” crusade to protect inner-city children from gang and gun violence. 4. Jacqueline Love Fashion School of Etiquette was founded in 2011; by the Legendary Jacqueline Love.  Her school took the fashion industry by storm. 5. From runway to print, the students of J. Love Fashion School of Etiquette have graced the cover of Fashion Avenue News Magazine as well as ripped many other runways in 2013.  They also demonstrated their prowess at Fashion on the Hudson, Caribbean Catwalk, Brooklyn Fashion Week, and the Tickle Me Pink Cancer Benefit. Also featured in YM Fashion Magazine, and has had her students featured in a Black History Month epic fashion shoot, Tribute To Black Entertainers, now a promotional DVD video, made by Chapter Avenue Productions(www.chapteravenueproductions.smugmug), which is a fundraiser item which was produced by Cocochynna Ford, Editor/Co-Founder of  YM Fashion Magazine 6. The school’s ). The e-mail is jlovefashionschool58@gmail.com.             The program for the school will be covered by 501©(3)


2. The Inaugural Men Of Excellence Awards

So often, our African-American and Hispanic men are demonized in our society as being irresponsible fathers and criminalized in the media.  But there is another side of African-American men that is not publicized or celebrated.  I am referring to the men in our communities that are leaders.  They are under the radar and are not looking for recognition.  These are men that show love to their children everyday, by attending their events, helping them have the right environment. These are the single fathers, scout leaders, deacons, pastors, all the way up to our President of the United States.  They encourage their boys to dress for success and not for the suspect.  They inspire them to be respectful to the opposite sex, and be honorable in their intentions. With this award we want to put the spotlight on those men who go unheard, unseen, and underappreciated.  There needs to be a balance in the image of African-American men, so the younger generation can have someone to look up to on their way to achieving their own greatness.  It has been proven, that having a strong, involved, and emotionally invested father in the home increases the likelihood that the child will be prepared for the world ahead of him or her.

-On the evening of September 17, 2016, The Jlove Fashion School Of Etiquette & CCN Designs/YM Fashion Magazine

– Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY, 11216


-Men Of Excellence Awards

– Fashion Show

– DJ’s

– MC(Shayla Day  & Otis Walls)

-Special guest, Lenny Green(The Quiet Storm)

-Other special guests to be announced.

-Raffle, CCN Design fur collection, Body Candy(skincare line for men), by Shermaine Williams,

– Auction, artwork by African-American artists, Joshua Fennell, Gary Fritz, Enyinnaya Ogbuagu tba

This was the first part of fundraising efforts for the Jackie Love School Of Etiquette.. This will be an annual event and nominations for 2017 started 0ctober 1st 2016-August 17,2017 submissions can be sent to :chynnalf@gmail.com/criteria for nominations/community leaders, politicians,designers, photographers, entrepreneurs,businessmen,single fathers


3. Goals/Objectives

-Using fashion to inspire the youth to become strong, responsible, and productive and this is “How We Rise”

-Through the Jlove Fashion School Of Etiquette, we will expose the youth to community service, by working with organizations, such as 100 Black Men , Man Up , Dress For Success, NAN and NAACP, demonstrating leadership

-We will instill entrepreneurship, not just modeling, fashion styling, modeling techniques, business of fashion, resulting, in self-worth and  focus on family, by the nurturing of their individual talents, making them responsible & capable citizens

-Incorporate the Jlove Fashion School Of Etiquette into the Public School system, Academies, and Charter Schools

-Implement the Jlove Scholarship For The Advancement Of Entrepreneurship, which will consist of an entrepreneurship class for parents/$5,000 for high school graduates ($2,500 boys and $2,500 girls).  The requirement for this is to write a comprehensive essay on themselves and their future goals. The winners receives a plaque and a check.

-Incorporate the JLE Experience, for students with inventive ideas. The ones that may be marketable, we will match them up businesses we have a relationship with.  The judges will be selected business persons.

-Provide students with travelling experiences, guest speakers  designed to inspire them to achieve their highest goals

-Create a building fund for the school.  Purchase equipment(chairs, tables, utensils, chalk, chalk boards, photography equipment, easels, sewing machines ,  computers,  mannequins, commercial van), special guests,  & tutoring.

-Develop the Youth Café, consisting of computer labs, jobs center for teenagers, & Reception Hall(community room for rental)


4.The Plan(2017) 2nd Annual Men Of Excellence Awards

-We will enhance the marketability of our Special Needs students, utilizing the programs the Jlove Fashion School of Etiquette provides

-Create a program journal(50) for the event, that will commemorate the event and serve as a fundraiser for the school

-“Swag bags” will be used to also raise funds that will include, promotional items from our sponsors, and a commemorative bow tie  in the first 50 bags

– Celebrate the history of the art of fashion from 1920’s-2020(Dressing For Success and Not for the Suspect)

-A raffle for  Body Candy( “It’s  a healthy treat for the skin”)by Shermaine Williams,4 of them throughout the night

-At a later date we will have an auction of African American artists.

-A  tee shirt was also created “Men of Excellence” for fundraising

5.The Honorees

Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adam/WBLS, Lenny Green/Ralph Mc Daniels/Rev. Al Sharpton/Bronx Borough President, Rubin Diaz Jr./DJ Kid Capri/Mike Baril/Lenny Hamilton/Gerard Dure’/NYS Senator Kevin S. Parker, was not able to be present to accept their awards(we have tentative date of 12/17/16 @ sponsor Atlas Steakhouse 943 Coney Island Avenue in Ditmas Park BK) We will have a dinner/live auction/photo-video shoot 7pm-11pm, which will be fundraiser for JLove Fashion School of Etiquette

6.Additional plans are to incorporate Men Of Excellence Awards, create the website that will be linked to JLove Fashion School website and CCN Fashion Fair Magazine. We will obtain 501©3 for the JLove Fashion School of Etiquette

We will also apply for Minority Women Business Certification/ create newsletter and calendar for both Men Of Excellence awards and JLove Fashion School of Etiquette/ locate a new location to host 2017 Men Of Excellence awards ceremony

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